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QinHuangDao ShiFang Marine Machinery Co.,Ltd  applies for training, examination, Obtaining certificate on behalf of seafarer, and also manages seafarer¡¯s affairs as well as dispatches complete Crew members for sailing vessels.

QinHuangDao ShiFang Marine Machinery Co.,Ltd takes principal of ¡°Fame first, Customer first, Safety first, efficiency first and quality first¡±. We stick to create value to customers and offer professional and considerable service to shipowner and seaman. We succeed training many qualified seaman for ship owners and win good reputation.

 We build successful cooperation with shipping enterprises in Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian,Yantai,etc. We are commended by employers of seaman on the cause that we assit them training hundreds of seamen to work on board. In accordance with requirements of National Maritime Bureau to seaman¡¯s training and follow the development trends of ocean going vessels business, our company dedicate the international seaman¡¯s recruitment, training, manning. And we recruit and train the third officer, fourth engineer, electrical Engineer, seaman and mechanic on duty of class B for ocean-going and coastal work. Our company could assist seafarer to handle related documents and certificates and then dispatch them to ships. We offer one package service for trainees¡¯ registering, training, and certificating, intershipping and working,etc. And we also formulated the completed service and management to make sure the quality of seaman management.

 Company undertakes a variety of crew documents, including the ¡°Certificate of Professional Training For Seafarers¡±, ¡°Seafarer¡¯s Identity Document¡±, ¡°Seafarer¡¯s Passport¡±, ¡°Certificate of Competency For Seafarers ¡± and other certificates required on board. We offer the long-term arrangement service to on duty sailors, on duty mechanic, fourth engineer and third mate¡¯s  internship. Owing to many year¡¯ successful management, our company has established an excellent crew team who are experienced, hard-working, skilled, dedicated, motivated, serious and responsible.

¡¡¡¡Company could apply for service book, training certificate, seaman¡¯s book, competency certificates, foreign nationality certificates. As a senior seafarers employer, our company offers directed training service to various maritime colleagues to help them train senior seaman. After admission for training we immediately sign the "employment agreement" and we implement the model of order form, higher education + certificate for skill + employment security personnel training with the establishment of school enterprise contact system. We strengthen communication and coordination with the training unit. We monitor and track the implementation process of the crew training plan and solve the problems. We also improve the quality of education and training, to ensure the smooth progress of crew training. 

¡¡¡¡ Welcome  young people who interested in navigation, join our big family of QinHuangDao ShiFang Marine Machinery Co.,Ltd.